The Benefits of Juicing for Seniors

The Benefits of Juicing for Seniors
March 4, 2016 emeraldliving

juicing for seniors

At Emerald Retirement Residence, we are setting up our own fresh juicing station for our residents. We will be offering our seniors and staff healthy, nutrient-rich juices to aid in immunity, arthritis symptoms and a variety of other ailments.

We recognize the importance of nutrition for seniors and know that it can be of great concern for their families and caretakers. Because seniors can get confused by a constantly changing appetite and eating patterns, it can be difficult to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which can lead to chronic illness and unhealthy weight loss.

Juicing for seniors

Juicing has recently grown in popularity, and when implemented correctly into one’s diet, it can play a major role in restoring and maintaining seniors’ health. Juicing for seniors is an easy way to incorporate more fruit, and more importantly, more vegetables, into a senior’s diet, concentrating vitamins and minerals into one glass. This is especially helpful as we often see seniors’ appetites diminish, so they can still consume proper amounts of nutrients without having to consume a large meal. The digestion of juice is much faster and fresh, raw juice also adds a number of natural enzymes that aid digestion and immunity, making a huge difference in healthy living for seniors.

Consulting a healthcare professional about juicing.

As with any change in a senior’s diet, it is essential that you consult with a healthcare professional to make sure that adding raw juice to your loved one’s diet is advisable. At Emerald Retirement Residence, our on-site Director of Care is happy to sit down and discuss the pros and cons of including juicing in your loved one’s routine and provide tips on which juices will be the most beneficial.

Of course, fruit juice can be high in sugar content, and while fruit juice is added to raw juice for taste and palatability but it’s important that there isn’t too much fruit added to be careful not to overdo the sugar.

Many green juices can interact with medications, so if a senior is taking blood thinners, or cholesterol or diabetes medication consult a healthcare professional to make sure they are safe. But, for the most part, juicing carrots, apples, pears, oranges, and berries are safe for most seniors, as long as they are not diabetic. If a senior is diagnosed with diabetes, juices can be blended with protein powder and low-fat yogurt to balance the sugar content.

Like many aspects involved in the care for the elderly, juicing for seniors will require thought and planning, but that’s what the Emerald Retirement Residence staff is here for! We will do the work to make sure our residents maintain a healthy lifestyle.