Colouring for Adults — Why Is it so Popular?

Colouring for Adults — Why Is it so Popular?
January 26, 2016 emeraldliving

Adult Colouring Sheet

If you look around at hobby shops, bookstores, and gift shops, you’ve probably noticed the new trend of adult colouring. Well, we have certainly noticed the popular hobby popping up and have begun offering adult colouring as an activity at Emerald Retirement Residence.

It may seem like a childish way to pass the time, but adult colouring has proven benefits for young and old alike. Our residents are really enjoying the time spent in our activities room with a colouring book and a box of pencil crayons!

Colouring reduces stress

Colouring is obviously not a very strenuous activity — there is a certain calming effect when you put pencil crayon to paper. Colouring creates a meditative-like state, resting the mind while becoming engaged with the picture, reducing one’s overall stress levels.

Colouring together is an easy way to be social

Because colouring is such an easy task, people are coming together to create their masterpieces and chat. It doesn’t require a lot of concentration, so colouring can be done while conversing with friends and comparing pieces. And while everyone is working on their own picture, it can feel like you are working together to achieve something as a group.

Increase focus with adult colouring

While it isn’t an overwhelmingly demanding activity, colouring still requires focus, attention and engagement. Becuase you are so focused on colouring your picture, you are actually able to forget any outside, distracting factors and clear your head while focusing on the task at hand.

Enhance fine motor skills

While you focus on the pencil and paper, you enhance fine motor skills and focus your eyes on the picture in front of you. This means engaging both hemispheres of the brain, strengthening a number of abilities of the mind. In fact, it has been suggested that colouring may delay or even prevent dementia in seniors.


We have a number of opportunities for our residents to gather in the activities room and colour. Click below to explore our activities calendar.

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