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Seeking a Retirement Residence or a retirement community for yourself or a loved one can be confusing. Here are some essential questions that can help guide you through the process and help you make the right choice.

Can children visit family and friends at emerald retirement? My children are fairly young. Can I bring them to visit?
Can I be evicted from a retirement home?
Can I bring my pet?
Can residents have cars?
Can we bring our furniture?
Do residents have the option of cooking in their suites?
Do you accept residents who smoke?
Do you have studios and one-bedroom suites?
How can I book a visit to Emerald retirement residence?
How do I talk to my loved one about retirement home living?
How do we decide what is the most appropriate living situation?
How do you transfer from one part of the residence to another?
How does Emerald retirement handle Abuse or Neglect?
How much does it cost to live in a Retirement Home in Ontario?
I live in a retirement home, and I want to move out. Do I have to give notice to my landlord?
If I have special dietary requirements, how are they handled?
If I make this move, will I have to move again?
In Assisted Living Services, Is There a Written Care Plan?
Is a Retirement Residence Licensed?
Is there visitor parking?
May I have family and friends join me for a meal?
What are your daily / weekly activities?
What is a continuing care retirement community?
What is a Retirement Community?
What is a Retirement Residence?
What is the difference between long-term care (LTC) residence (also known as "nursing home") and a retirement home/community?
What is the process for moving in?
What is the RHRA?
What policies are in place in your residence?
What should I consider when looking for a retirement residence?
What types of services are included in a Retirement Home/Community?
Where can I find information on Emerald's short-term stay program?
Who owns Emerald Retirement Residence?
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