Grandmas Zip Line Adventure

Grandmas Zip Line Adventure
October 5, 2016 emeraldliving


On a beautiful summer day three adventurous seniors from Emerald Retirement Residence got the thrill of a lifetime – a zip line adventure over Niagara Falls!

For Doris Liefland, Muriel Campaigne and Ann Botbyl, there was no hestation when asked if they would like to experience the newest attraction that provides a close up view of Niagara Falls along with the exhilaration of zip lining.

When the invitation to try this adventure was given, these brave ladies signed up quickly and then had to convince their families that they were going to do this and assured them that they would be safe.

All of these ladies are in their retirement years with grandchildren.  They are just a few of the active seniors who live at Emerald Retirement Residence on Ferry St.

The Ladies On Zip Lining

Ann Botbyl 78, is usually in a wheelchair but on this sunny afternoon she was flying over the falls.  When asked how she felt before and after their big adventure she said, “I’m not afraid at all and there isn’t a lot of opportunities to get the kind of thrill like flying over the falls”.

Doris Liefland was not afraid to try the zip line because she didn’t know what there was to be afraid of.  Her family said “What a hoot!  Our mom is almost 84 and still looking for new adventures!!”  When asked if she kept her eyes open, Doris said she didn’t want to miss a thing.  She said it was important to listen to the instructions given by the Zip Line staff to avoid injury or losing items like glasses, watches or jewelry.  Would Doris do this again?  Probably not but she is always willing to give new opportunities a try.

Muriel Campaigne was also quick to volunteer to join the team on the zip lining adventure.  This did not surprise her family as she is full of life and fun loving.  Going into the adventure Muriel signed the waivers and listened to the instructions.  She was so excited to try this bird’s eye view of the Falls – maybe she missed one part.  One of the instructions was to part your feet and legs when coming in to the landing deck.  Unfortunately for Muriel she forgot that part.  Her ankle caught the guy wire and she injured her ankle.  Would she do it again?  Absolutely!!!  In fact, Muriel is taking a look into the Roller Coaster Zip Line Adventure in California next.  She thinks it would be amazing to try it.  Her husband Harry thinks otherwise.doris-muriel-zip emerald-team-zip john-zip 20160826_103202