How to Find the Right Retirement or Assisted Living Residence

How to Find the Right Retirement or Assisted Living Residence
January 22, 2016 emeraldliving


When you are looking for a retirement residence or assisted living residence for an elderly parent, you need to choose the right residence the first time. This is a life changing decision for everyone involved, and can be an intimidating one. You don’t want to make the wrong choice.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve made a list of what to look for in an assisted living or retirement residence.

Be realistic about needs

Of course, it’s easy to make a decision based on your loved one’s current needs, but anticipate their needs for the future as they age. The right facility is one that is prepared to meet your loved one’s needs now as well as the level of service they may require a few years down the road.

Often, families will go into a residence optimistically, not considering current health issues or how those health issues will impact the future. Talk to your loved one’s doctor to fully understand the assistance they may require now, and how any health issues will change over time.

Finding a seniors’ community in Niagara that can handle the changes that lie ahead will mean that you won’t have to move them into another facility in the future, which can be both burdensome and costly.

High prices don’t always equal quality care

It is easy to assume that the higher the price and more lavish the features of a facility, the better the seniors’ community.

There is a lot of value in the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Just because a retirement residence has fancy furniture or perfect landscaping doesn’t mean they invest the same amount in providing care. A beautiful and upscale building is just as likely to oversights and errors as in a community that may look a little dated.

Quality of care can’t be determined by driving past a community or reading a brochure.

Be sure to visit the retirement residence, get a tour and meet the director of care, activities director, and nurses to come to a well-educated conclusion. Remember, happy staff are caring staff, so seeing happy faces when you walk in is always a good sign.

Don’t overplay proximity

Families often overemphasize the importance of finding the closest retirement community as possible to your own home.

Of course, choosing an assisted living residence in Niagara that is close to your home may play into your best intentions of visiting every day, but it may not be the best fit. And in fact, once your loved one is settled in and engaged in their new community and the daily activities, visiting every day will likely not be very realistic.

A few kilometres probably won’t make a huge impact on your ability to visit. And some communities offer accommodations for overnight guests, so if you have to stay for a weekend, that may be a possibility, too.

Take your time with your decision

We know that sometimes it is necessary to find a retirement residence as quickly as possible, but rushing to resolve a difficult crisis can cause problems, too. Choosing the first open room you find in the first facility you visit can be less effective than choosing completely randomly.

We suggest that you visit a few communities before making a final decision so that you can understand exactly what options are available and which residences offer the best solutions for your loved one.

Every assisted living residence in Niagara is different, and the offerings of one may not be in your loved one’s best interests.

To make the right choice, you need options, so allow yourself ample time to do your research. And if you need an interim solution while you find the right permanent home for your loved one, many residences offer respite care for short periods of time.


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