Live Music at Emerald Retirement Residence

Live Music at Emerald Retirement Residence
December 31, 2015 emeraldliving

Heather Glabb

People love music, and it is incredibly beneficial in seniors independent and assisted living. It allows senior to reminisce and relate to emotions and experiences in days gone by. Music opens up a world of memories, soothes people when they are anxious or agitated. When people listen to music, they are not only processing the beats, rhythms, melodies and harmonies, they are are connecting to memories. That is why at Emerald Retirement Residences, we place such an emphasis on weekly live music and entertainment for our residents and visitors.

The Importance of Music in Retirement Residences

Music has a direct effect on improved health and well-being in seniors, which is why we are thrilled to offer live entertainment every Saturday afternoon at Emerald Retirement Residence. Studies have found that people who are involved in social activities may be at lower risk for health problems, including dementia — leisure pursuits may even lead to longer lives! Our weekly live music afternoons not only brings smiles to our residents’ faces, but also gets them on their feet. Our seniors often can’t help but dance when the music starts, making them happier, healthier, more active and increasing their sense of personal satisfaction.

This week at Emerald Retirement Residence: Heather Glabb

Each week, we open our doors to all to enjoy live music and refreshments in our main lobby. This week, on Saturday, January 2 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., we are happy to welcome Heather Glabb to Emerald Retirement Residence.

Heather is a talented singer-songwriter from Welland, Ontario. She was raised in a gospel church, singing and playing the saxophone and is now focused on creating music and furthering her singing career. An award-winning singer and songwriter, Heather has headlined for Michelle Wright and Carol Baker. We are so excited for her to share her musical talents and beautiful voice with us this week!


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