Wizard of Oz at Emerald

Wizard of Oz at Emerald
November 1, 2016 emeraldliving

Wizard of Oz Halloween Party


The Halloween Party at Emerald Retirement Residence turned into a production of the Wizard of Oz at the Emerald City.

It’s not every day you can pull a fast one over on Jane Widdicombe at Emerald Retirement Residence.  The active seniors at Emerald did exactly that!  Jane is a terrific activities director within this retirement home in Niagara Falls.  She keeps our active residents busy having fun and she keeps them moving and shaking.  Her days and evenings are packed with fun things to get involved with at Emerald.

The fun residents at Emerald organized a big surprise for Jane at the Halloween Open House on Oct 29th.  They staged the Wizard of Oz production using all of the great people who live here.  Costumes were purchased, props and decorations were made, and lines and music were rehearsed.

We had help from some of our regular guests.  Lynda Stirret provided the narration of the production.   Fran Martins helped set up and organized the actors.  She visits with Chewy as our therapy team.  Tricia in the dining room cued the music.

The casting was excellent!  Chewy the therapy dog was selected to play the role of Toto.  Bob Oliver played the tin man with his wry sense of humour.  As he crossed the stage he ad-libbed “oh, I think I need a lube job”.  Dorothy was Muriel Campaign in her sweet dress, apron, pigtails, straw hat and ruby slippers.  The cowardly lion was Stan Zabukovec in his lion costume and a bright smile.  The scarecrow was played by Roger Bedard – who enjoyed himself and laughed all the way through.  Peter Moote was cast as the Mayor of Emerald City in a smart green top hat and costume.  The wizard was Paul Ostrander – who was perfect with his gruff voice and dazzling smile.

Our cast of munchkins included; Clementina Manchego, Stan Carruthers, Ann Botbyl, Sylvia Stotski, Diane McInnes, Ron Servos, Tracey Grant Fulcher, Flo Levesque, Dorothy Thomas, Nancy Boytanskii, Helen Simon and Cynthia Dockstader.

Glynda the good witch was our beautiful Pat Millington and Linda Cameron was done up as the bad witch in a lovely shade of green makeup.  Two of the flying monkeys were Burrlye Savard and Tom Simpson.

It was great to see so many residents get involved and participate.  Turning the Emerald Retirement Residence into the Emerald City was such a terrific idea.  Muriel, Linda and Lynda are to be congratulated for pulling this off as the organizers.

the cast of the wizard of oz at emerald retirement residence

the cast of the wizard of oz at emerald retirement residence

Thanks to everyone who lives and works here!!

Halloween fun turned into Wizard of Oz at Emerald

Halloween fun turned into Wizard of Oz at Emerald

fun seniors at emerald

munchkins at emerald, these active residents love getting involved in events